This blog addresses the unfair decisions made in the Family Court and what this means for the people involved. Fathers, mothers, children and their surrounding community are all affected by these cases where the judicial system has let them down. For whatever reason, a child is left without a willing, capable parent – most often their father.

I have stated that I believe in equality in all its forms and yes, I am a feminist. I believe in equality of the sexes; thus I believe a mother and a father should be treated equally in raising a child. Discrimination occurs to everyone, in varying degrees, but every injustice is still an injustice. Common Ground is focusing on just one bias in particular.

Conversely, I try to be as balanced as possible. This website is not for finger pointing. CG is about awareness and understanding and that’s what I aim to emulate, through and through. Like many things, child custody and the role of parents is a contentious issue. It is complex; no two cases – no two points of few – are the same. I do not claim to be an expert by any means, but only to distribute facts and stimulate meaningful, insightful, and open conversation.