A Reflection

This campaign has been a challenge at best.

It’s only through all my research that I’ve realised how complex this issue is and how many holes there are in the judicial system. Honestly, I don’t know how to fix it. There are so many areas and facets that need to be examined; I only hope there are people more dedicated and informed than me that can make those judgements and who can actually enact change.

The people in places in power need to stop pussy-footing around and the people involved need to stop squabbling.That’s the ideal situation. Of course, the latter choice is largely impossible to solve – unresolvable conflict is why they end up in the courts in the first place. The former suggestion is not that much more possible, unfortunately. With a thousand other issues to be fixed and the Family Court only on Pauline Hanson’s agenda, I have a feeling the Australian Government won’t be doing anything about it soon.

What I’ve learnt is that this goes beyond a matter of gender. This is more than male versus female. This is the sad outcome of a court system that doesn’t reflect the times we live in. Women have progressed so far over the last few decades alone; we can finally be a mother and a businesswoman and so much else, but we can’t leave our male counterparts behind. Assuming men are less able to care for children is not much different than assuming women are less able to have a career. It’s just not right and we are better than this.

This concludes Common Ground’s seven-week campaign. Thank you for all those who have viewed, commented, and contributed to this discussion. May change be just around the corner. 



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