Profile #3 – False Accusations

This story is a little different from the others I have written about. It is a situation my friend Sarah* went through in her young teenage years with her mother and stepfather. It didn’t result in a divorce, but it does include a severe manipulation of the truth that had last effects on their family. 


Sarah’s* stepfather had always been more of a parent to her than her biological dad. Dave* had married in to the family when Sarah was a preteen and raised her and her sisters as if they were his own. Sarah’s mother, Mel*, was always a temperamental woman, quick to anger and give harsh judgement to her children. Dave, on the other hand, was the mediator between the girls, lowering the sky-high oestrogen levels in the house.

Mel’s temper manifested itself in verbal and physical outbursts towards her children and partner. In one particularly heated argument, Mel smashed a glass, cutting her hands and arms in the process and ran throughout the house, spreading blood on the walls. She then called the police on Dave. He was escorted away, charged and convicted, and spent a number of months in prison.

Sarah says her stepfather was tempted to file for a divorce after he returned from jail, but he knew he had no chance of fathering his stepdaughters with a violent conviction against his name. He is with Mel to this day, working on their relationship and her anger issues.


Due to the sensitive nature of the story, I have been unable to talk to Sarah about the current state of her family. The purpose of telling this story is to give an example of the kind of situations families are in and the false accusations that have lasting effects on the lives of those involved.


*names have been changed to protect those involved. 


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